Romans 12:9-13

From the very personal exhortation to present our bodies as sacrifices in service to God, Paul has moved to a call to use the unique graces that God has given to us for the blessing of his body, the Church. It is not surprising that from encouraging us to use the graces that God has given us for the blessing of the Church we are brought to consider the characteristic of love, since love should be the motivation for ministry to others with the gifts we have received by grace. 

Romans 11:33-36

The quotation from C. H. Spurgeon is from his sermon "Laus Deo," which is number 572 in the sermons pages of, a web site maintained by Emmett O'Donnell, a godly older man with whom I have corresponded. Mr. O'Donnell has updated older English terms and capitalized pronouns referring to God, but otherwise the sermons are as Spurgeon published them. I never fail to find out if Spurgeon has preached on a sermon text that I am studying. His sermons are a dependable source of devotional encouragement.

Romans 11:11-13

Paul is continuing to address the questions raised by Israel's rejection of the gospel. He has shown that this rejection is not total, for God has preserved for himself a remnant who have believed. In these verses, Paul shows that this rejection is not final, either, for God will provoke Israel to jealousy of the Gentiles as a means to draw them into gospel faith that will bless not only them, but Gentile believers as well.