Daniel 1, part two

The opening narrative sets out the major theme for the book of Daniel: the sovereignty of God. It is this truth that forms the center point of the faith and world view of four Hebrew teenagers who must determine how to live in an alien culture. Followers of Christ today need the same center point for our faith and world view, so the book of Daniel has much to teach us.

Genesis 17

The Bible frequently uses the concept of covenant to describe the relationship of God as King to his people. A covenant–in contrast to a contract–is based upon personal promises made by the person or persons who establish the covenant. The covenants that God makes are based upon his promises to his people. Their response to his promises is to trust him and submit to his will. The Old Testament (or Old Covenant) sacrament of circumcision and the New Covenant sacrament of baptism are signs performed by his people that demonstrate their faith in God’s act of bringing them into covenant relationship with himself

Galatians 6:6

God’s Word has always been central to his relationship with his chosen people, and therefore the teaching and preaching of the Word has always been of vital importance to them. The Word of God is determinative of our faith and living, so we ought to consider its teaching and preaching a high priority. One way in which that priority is expressed is in providing support for those who are enabled to devote time to study and prayer for preaching and teaching.