John 20:1-18

For poignancy and reversal of emotion, this passage is perhaps unmatched in literature, expressing with an amazing brevity of words an incredible range of feeling. What is even more remarkable is that this narrative is meaningful because of its historicity! There is so much to learn here, and this sermon barely touches upon its truth.

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John 19:16b-30

This narrative of Jesus’ suffering and death is structured around Jesus’ completion of the work he received from his Father. He had already spoken of that work as accomplished in his prayer prior to his arrest. What was so certain that he could speak of it in the past tense he now fully executes in harmony with the Father’s sovereign will and the empowering of the Spirit. God in three persons acts in Jesus’ suffering and death to save sinners while yet showing himself to be righteous.

John 18:1-11

The gospel of John gives us a unique view of the events directly associated with the death of Jesus. The apostle John was inspired by the Holy Spirit to focus on different elements than those seen in the other three gospels, and this serves to draw our attention to key truths that reveal to us the true meaning of his death. John 18 opens with a narrative scene that makes it clear that Jesus' death was unique from that of any other human.