Hebrews 11

God gave me grace to preach the sermon for the worship service that served as a memorial for my mother, Clema McConnell Broughton. The service was held at the chapel of the Baptist Village in Oklahoma City, where my mother lived the last years of her life. Knowing that my mother was listening to my sermons posted online was a wonderful encouragement to me, and I considered it a high honor to preach at this memorial service. This was, of course, a time of grief, but God was gracious to enable me to focus on the truth of God's Word that was so important to my mother, and that Word ministered to me even as I preached. To God alone be the glory!

[The thumbnail picture shows my mother learning to use the iPad her grandchildren helped buy her a few years before her death. She prayed for and corresponded with many missionaries for whom she prayed, and the iPad made this easier to do, given her severe arthritis, and she took to it quickly.]